Hand of Fire CoverMMBWelcome to Judith Starkston’s website. Her debut novel Hand of Fire, set during the Trojan War, is available September 2014 (Fireship Press). Enjoy reviews of Hand of Fire, book club questions, the event calendar and an excerpt. You’ll also find historical background about this fascinating place and time, book reviews of reads you don’t want to miss and other on-going information from the historical fiction community.MMB Emblem Semi-Finalist

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What’s New:

Myth & Folklore: Where Did Mighty Achilles Get his Start?

The heroes of the Trojan War probably have origins in history, but there’s also been an infusion of myth and legendary grandeur. In a post on Unusual Historicals, I explore an idea of mine that the development of Achilles was significantly influenced by the Hittite myth of Telipinu.

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Arizona Historical Novel Society News

Next meeting: Nov 7, 2-4 pm at Judith Starkston’s house. Email for directions and to rsvp. Speaker and Topic: Donis Casey on Writing Dialogue

Click through to find out all the news and what’s up with the Arizona Historical Novel Society. Everyone welcome–writers and readers. We’re an informal group with no dues just lots of great community and information sharing.

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