Hand of Fire CoverMMBWelcome to my website. I write fantasy imbued with the richness of ancient worlds. I love the lore of the Greeks and Hittites. Their myths and clashes inspire my fiction and open gates to magical realms.

My first novel, Hand of Fire, is currently out of print except for a few remaining copies of the paperback on Amazon and at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore. Hand of Fire will appear in a new edition, but in the meantime, the paperback is also available directly from Judith Starkston. Just click here to buy it on Square.

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Weekly Roundup of Archaeology and History September 23-October 13

Here is my roundup of archaeology and history: Variations on the myths of Ishtar, the original goddess of love and war and a mysterious Luwian tablet, now translated, tells of a Trojan prince and his naval battle with Ashkelon, and I include photos from Madrid’s National Archaeology Museum’s extraordinary collection

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