I am a novelist and book reviewer. I set my historical fiction and mysteries during the period of the Trojan War and Hittite Empire.

As enjoyable background for the interested reader, I have posted history pieces about the life of this fascinating place and time—everything from the roles of women, mythology, recipes, and books for further research to who the Hittites were and whether there really was a Trojan War.

What's New:

Review of Sinners and the Sea by Rebecca Kanner

Kanner has filled in the sparse Biblical account of Noah, telling the story of the flood from the point of view of Noah’s wife, and thus creating an extended modern midrash.

Meet My Main Character: Briseis

Meet My Main Character: Briseis. I’ve been tagged by historical fiction author Nancy Bilyeau in a blog hop.

Arizona Historical Novel Society News

Next AZ Historical Novel Society Meeting will be May 3, 1-4 pm. Fred Ramsay will be our speaker, author of an historical mystery series set in Jerusalem around 28 CE.

Official Publication Date for Hand of Fire

Announcing the publication date for my novel, Hand of Fire : September 10, 2014.