Welcome to Judith Starkston’s website. Her debut novel Hand of Fire, set during the Trojan War, is available September 2014 (Fireship Press). Enjoy reviews of Hand of Fire, book club questions, the event calendar and an excerpt. You’ll also find historical background about this fascinating place and time, book reviews of reads you don’t want to miss and other on-going information from the historical fiction community.

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Weekly Roundup of History, Archaeology and Writing Wisdom Dec 13-19

Favorites around the web this week. In archaeology: a bronze age tomb in Thessaly, Greece, an exhibit of pre-classical Greece in France, 8,000 yr old Israeli olive oil, recreating Egyptian bread. In historical fiction: a post about his fic series with some of my favorite authors in it, a review of All the Light We Cannot See, & insulting people like a good historical fiction writer.

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