Spotlight on Ann Griffin’s Another Ocean to Cross

Ann Griffin is a fellow Arizona Historical Novel Society member and I’ve watched the evolution of this novel with interest and affection. It’s a good one!

Germany, 1938: Talented teen Jewish artist, Renata Lowenthal, convinces her reluctant parents that they must leave. After a hazardous journey, they arrive in Alexandria, Egypt, where Renata uses her artistic talents to support the family. But war’s tentacles reach Egypt. The family is still in danger. After a steamy courtship, Renata marries Ray Stern, a Canadian navy officer, shortly before he is deployed to war service. After the birth of their child, Renata is faced with an agonizing decision that will have repercussions years into the future. She must dig into the depths of her being, to find a resourcefulness and courage she never knew she had, to cross oceans to save her marriage and her family.



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