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book cover image Woman at the Well by Ann Chamberlin Poisoned PenApril 5, 1-4 pm Ann Chamberlin on “the history of sex, primarily focused on Europe since Rome. It will cover childbirth, contraception, marriage and social gender constructs in a quick overview, but also forays into kinkier aspects from elsewhere.” Ann writes about the ancient Middle East, early Islam, the Ottoman Empire and Merlin. Her two most recent books are Woman at the Well and The Sword of God

book cover image The Eighth Veil by Frederick Ramsay Poisoned PenMay 3, 1-4 pm Fred Ramsay
On his historical mysteries series set in Jerusalem. I’ll quote an excerpt from a review of this series to tempt all of you to come hear this most engaging speaker:
“Frederick Ramsay’s Jerusalem mysteries: Holy Smoke (2013) and The Eighth Veil (2012), hopefully with at least one more to come. The reluctant “sleuth” is Gamaliel, the chief rabbi and head of the Sanhedrin, coerced by Pontius Pilate into detective work. Gamaliel is a Talmudic scholar, not a detective, but discovers useful synergies. The time is 28 and 29 AD.

Ramsay is an Episcopalian priest, but Jesus is a peripheral character, one of many radical preachers and one who Gamaliel quite admires, thinking that with a bit more education he would have made a great Rabbi. Gamaliel is a pragmatic Jew forced into sleuthhood by Herod and opposed by Caiaphas. The books are steeped in Judaism – how successfully I can’t judge but they read convincingly. I devour these books and find them utterly compelling. If you are after something quite different in setting and characters, give these a try” Ward Saylor, Crime Thru Time
(And I’ll add my own note to Mr. Saylor, the Judaism is quite successful/accurate.)
Read my review of The Eighth Veil here


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  1. I so enjoyed listening to Pat tell us about her journey with this novel. Wonderful meeting! Thank you yet again, Judith, for your good energy and leadership.

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