Weekly Roundup of History, Archaeology and Writing Wisdom May 3-9

Favs from around the web this week: Kate Quinn’s Lion and the Rose gets a great review by Stephanie Thornton, Deb Swift on the expulsion of Muslims fr 17th C Spain, dynamiting ancient tombs in Turkey (what!?), Heather Webb on pulling Josephine, Napolean’s Empress, out of the salacious mud, & choosing language for historical fiction by Josh Getzler.

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Arizona Historical Novel Society News

Click through to find the 2016-2017 Calendar of meetings of the Arizona Historical Novel Society. Everyone welcome–writers and readers. We’re an informal group with no dues just lots of great community and information sharing.

Our next meeting:
February 25, 2017, 2-4 pm

RESEARCH! Learning from each other

For our February meeting we will do something different. Bring your best research tip or useful historical information source and share it briefly. We’ll be networking historical fiction style.

If it’s best to have in writing, bring 20 copies to hand out, such as an online reference link, illuminating website, name of a helpful international archive or library, a reference work available locally, a museum collection, census data, or what have you. 20 ecologically small slips of paper with your bit of info (and your name) are just fine. We’ll get to know each other better and learn from our collective experience.

Location: Ann Griffin’s

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Weekly Roundup of History, Archaeology and Writing Wisdom March 29-April 4

Medieval nuns & prostitutes, Feminists fr. preRevolutionary NY & Mesopotamia, telling history fr the pagan peasant point of view, and translating an Egyptian stela changes the chronology of the Near East, starring some of my favorite writers, bloggers and historians: Nancy Bilyeau, Bruce Holsinger, Kim Rendfeld, Shirley Graetz, Sarah Johnson, Nassem Al-Mehairi, and University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.

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